Information About the FRC℠ Designation

About The Course

A Specialized Education With A Focus On The Highest Ethical Standards

The FRC℠ Course and exam are designed to help you:

  • Demonstrate your expertise and knowledge about the full range of federal retirement benefits, health plans and life insurance.
  • Help federal employees accurately identify potential gaps in their retirement income and provide informed recommendations.
  • Guide federal employees in developing strategies for a financially-secure retirement based on their personal situation and goals.

Designed by financial industry leaders, the FRC℠ Course raises the bar in providing a meaningful education for financial professionals.

Accreditation by The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) signifies the Federal Retirement Consultant℠ (FRC) Course and Designation meets the high, ethical standards of the nation’s most recognized, non-profit accrediting programs.

Equally important, and for the first time, the FRC℠ Course provides financial professionals with a viable choice when seeking the expert training and certification they need to successfully provide services to the federal employee market.  

Our Mission

To ensure financial professionals master the federal benefit topics crucial to federal employees who deserve the financially-secure retirement they’ve worked hard to earn

The Federation of Federal Employee Benefit Advocates, LLC (“FFEBA”) educates and certifies professionals who work with federal employees. The Federal Retirement Consultant℠ designation applies to professionals who are able to demonstrate their competence and knowledge of federal employee retirement systems and related benefits. We strive to build a network of qualified professionals who can serve the retirement needs of federal employees.

In order to obtain and maintain the FRC℠ certification, individuals are required to demonstrate a commitment to high standards, continuing education, professional ethics, and trust.

This sets the FRC℠ credential holder apart from other practitioners working with federal employees.

About The Course

The Most Accurate Information Available, Updated With The Latest Changes To Federal Law

The Federal Retirement Consultant℠ Designation Course is designed to provide the most comprehensive training and continuing education in federal benefits available to qualified financial professionals.

The course curriculum is based upon rigorous research of the most current information available under the U.S. Office of Personnel Management ( guidelines and regulations.

Add to this our faculty continuously updates course topics with the latest changes to federal benefit legislation that arise from year to year.


Following an established code of ethics and professional conduct which advocates for the best interest of federal employees.


Increasing professionalism by expanding knowledge in the complexities of the federal employee retirement systems and related benefits.


Holding professionals who earn the FRC℠ Designation to the highest ethical standards.
A Specialized Education

With A Focus On The Highest Ethical Standards

The Federal Retirement Consultant℠ Designation Course and Certification signifies our graduates have achieved an exceptional level of professional expertise that federal employees recognize, value and trust.

Crafted by the nation’s top experts in federal retirement benefits, each faculty member is a certified professional dedicated to providing a thorough and comprehensive education with an emphasis on stringent ethical standards.

About The FRC℠ Course Facilitator

Meet Brian Benham

Brian Benham

Brian Benham is known as one of the foremost, nationwide educators in federal employee benefits and is the founder of the Benham Advisory Group.

His decades of experience make him uniquely qualified to provide Insurance Agents, CPAs, Attorneys, and Financial Professionals, with a fact-based education in the full scope of federal benefits.

As the FRC℠ facilitator, Brian’s goal is to elevate the standard of ethical professionalism to help ensure federal employees have access to the most qualified, knowledgeable financial professionals in the nation.