FRC℠ Designation In Federal Benefits

A Strategic Path To Career Growth

According to the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, federal employees continue to file for retirement at a growing pace which is projected to rise in the years to come.

This reality has created an ever-growing need for qualified financial professionals with a comprehensive understanding of federal retirement benefits.

The Federal Retirement Consultant℠ Designation Course addresses this challenge in two significant ways:

    • • Provide federal employees with the opportunity to work with financial professionals who have achieved a proven level of expertise in federal retirement benefits.
  • • Provide financial professionals with a strategic path for career advancement by certifying their expertise in federal retirement benefits with the FRC℠ designation.

At every level, the Federal Retirement Consultant℠ Designation Course achieves these ethical goals and objectives.

What To Know

Frequently Asked Questions

Both options are available. You can choose online training that you can complete at home at your convenience. Or, in-classroom training conducted by Brian Benham. Learn More
There is no deadline for online training. The calendar schedule for in-classroom training conducted by Brian Benham, and related deadlines, will be provided upon approval of your application for the course. Learn More.
First, you must apply for the course and provide documentation that satisfies the course prerequisites and requirements. Once your application is approved, you will receive notification and instructions to complete your registration for the course. Learn More.